#stopACTA2 repository

  1. #stopACTA2 activists fanpage  – Fanpage stopACTA2.Europe
  2. #stopACTA2 activists facebook group – European #StopACTA2 activists protests against internet censorship
  3. Save your internet Project – saveyourinternet.eu
  4. Save the internet Project – savetheinternet.info
  5. Europoseł Julia Reda – Strona o ACTA2



  1. Official #stopACTA2 petition to the European Parliament
  2. #savetheinternet petition on change.org


Source texts

Official EU projects, opinions and proposals for the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

  1. European Commission proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (14 September 2016)
  2. European Council proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (25 May 2018)
  3. European Parliament’s JURI Committee proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (20 June 2018)
  4. European Parliament proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (12 September 2018)
  5. Opinions on the directive form other European Parliament committees:
    IMCO – Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
    CULT – Committee on Culture and Education
    LIBE – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
    ITRE – Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection


Experts’ opinions

  1. Mozilla – How will this impact me?
  2. Electronic Frontier Foundation – W jaki sposób unijne filtry dotyczące praw autorskich pozwolą każdemu cenzurować Internet? (ENG)
  3. Electronic Frontier Foundation – Dzisiaj Europa straciła Internet. Teraz wracamy do walki! (ENG)
  4. Julia Redia – Showdown on upload filters and the link tax on September 12: These are the options in front of MEPs (ENG)
  5. Julia Reda – EU copyright reform/expansion (ENG)
  6. Julia Reda – Lifting the veil on the secretive EU copyright negotiations that start today: Here’s where we stand (ENG) (2.10.2018)
  7. Julia Reda – YouTube and the music industry are both wrong on Article 13 (28.11.2018)
  8. Julia Reda – Article 13 is almost finished – and it will change the internet as we know it (10.01.2019)


Open letters regarding the copyright directive

  1. An open letter from European scientists – The Copyright Directive: Misinformation and Independent Enquiry
  2. An open letter from a group of original internet architects (internet creators) – Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive Threatens the Internet
  3. An open letter from the WordPress contributor – We’re Against Bots, Filtering, and the EU’s New Copyright Directive
  4. An open letter from academic community – The Copyright Directive is failing
  5. Academic community statement – The Copyright Directive: Misinformation and Independent Enquiry
  6. An open letter from over 50 organizations representing human rights and media freedomArticle 13 Open letter – Monitoring and Filtering of Internet Content is Unacceptable
  7. An open letter from organizations representing the digital industry from six countries belonging to the Three Seas Initiative Dreamhack Open Winter 2018Stanowisko branży cyfrowej grupy państ Trójmorza ws. wspólnej polityki dotyczącej rozwoju sektora cyfrowego i nowoczesnych technologii
  8. EDRI – Letter to the EU Council: Stand for citizen’s rights and the European digital economy in the copyright negotiations!
  9. An open letter from audio-visual and sports sectors representatives – Audiovisual and Sports Sectors Proposed Way Forward for the Value Gap Provision
  10. European Innovative Media Publishers – Publishers’ Declaration against Article 11
  11. Rightsholders unite in calling for an effective solution to the Value Gap / Transfer of Value


Press Materials

  1. Motherboard Vice – This Music Theory Professor Just Showed How Stupid and Broken Copyright Filters Are (30.08.2018)
  2. Electronic Frontier Foundation – How the EU’s Copyright Filters Will Make it Trivial For Anyone to Censor the Internet (11.09.2018)
  3. Breakit.se – Copyright Directive confusion revealed: “This was kind of a mistake” (ENG) (13.09.2018)
  4. Soundcloud.com (Breakit) – Axel Voss: “This was kind of a mistake” (interview, ENG) (13.09.2018)
  5. QZ.com – The man behind the EU’s copyright law is “surprised” by what’s in the proposal (ENG) (13.09.2018)
  6. GitHub – Tweet z materiałem video tutaj (ENG) (8.09.2018)
  7. Electronic Frontier Foundation – Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back. (12.09.2018)
  8. Wired – If we don’t act now, Article 13 could break the internet by mistake (ENG) (23.09.2018)
  9. Electronic Frontier Foundation – Leaks Show Europe’s Attempts to Fix the Copyright Directive Are Failing (ENG) (18.11.2018)
  10.  newsbeezer.com – ACTA 2 forces you to close Google News in Europe? (ENG) (21.11.2018)
  11. YouTube – Imagine if you couldn’t watch the videos you love.
  12. The Guardian – Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links (ENG) (18.11.2018)
  13. Netzpolitik.org – From Beethoven to Despacito: Five Songs explain EU copyright reform (ENG) (23.11.2018)
  14. Forbes – Is The Internet Under Threat? Interview With #SaveYourInternet Member On EU’s Copyright Directive (ENG) (23.11.2018)
  15. Redditblog – The EU Copyright Directive, What Redditors in Europe need to know (28.11.2018)
  16. BoingBoing.net – The EU took the word “filters” out of the Copyright Directive, but it’s still all about filters (30.11.2018)
  17. Electronic Frontier Foundation – Poland saved Europe from ACTA: can they save us from ACTA2? (4.12.2018)
  18. BoingBoing.net – Poland rejects the EU’s copyright censorship plans, calls it #ACTA2 (5.12.2018)
  19. JuliaReda.eu – Article 13 is a mess: Now even big rightholders disavow it (3.12.2018)
  20. TorrentFreak – Tech Giants Warn US Govt. Against EU’s ‘Article 13’ Plans (12.11.2018)