#StopACTA2 launches the European Citizens’ Initiative to prevent Europe from the Copyright Directive (#ACTA2)

Hi All!

As you are probably aware, a Copyright Directive was introduced in the European Union that will change our Internet forever. On the 26th of March the European Parliament adopted a law that will seriously affect a freedom of speech on the Internet and will force the website owners to proactively monitor their online services. The EU’s actions today will lead to a more censored and less private Internet with more surveillance.

Despite the MEPs have been elected democratically to represent the interests of European citizens, they did not take our advice and they voted in favour of the #uploadfilters and #censorshipmachines in accordance of the wishes of the lobby (i.e. Axel Springer, SACEM, ZAiKS, ZPAV).  We are now taking the fight into our own hand, cause no one will do it for us.

We ask the new European Commission to introduce a new directive repealing the current copyright directive including the widely criticized articles 15 and 17 (known previously as articles 11 and 13). This is a chance we should take to prevent this Draconian law which will damage alternative media as well. Together with the StopACTA2 activists and the Pirate Party representatives from the European countries we have already started the legal process. Our ultimate goal is to gather 1 million signatures and ask the EU for a new law and we have 1 year to achieve it.

Once the initiative is approved by the European Comission and its website is introduced to collect the signatures of supporters we will provide you with the link right away. As of now we kindly ask you to support our online petition available at the following link: StopACTA2 petition

We need to force the European institutions to stop this legislation. Please join our fight and promote the initiative to #SaveYourInternet.


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