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Radio Hussar our great supporters are here with an interview they had with admin! You can fins a link to the material here:

StopACTA2 - Can We Save The Internet?

It’s already been 6 months! We originaly Heard abort the Directive on the Single Digital Market on the 21st of June 2018 straight after the JURI’s committee voteing. We remebered that back In 2012 when the No to ACTA  movement was formed In Poland pe ople did it over social media so that’s where we started looping for any organised groups but coudn’t find any – so we formed our own group and In a vote decided to name it stopACTA2 in refference to the original ACTA that try’d to censor the Internet.

Within 9 days from starting the group we organised protests In 29 polish cities and the Hashtag #stopACTA2 was the most popular hashtag In Poland having over 2,3 mln views.

In the effect of our action none of the Polish MEP’s including votem for the JURI propos al for ACTA2 in the 5th of July European Parliament VOTE.

How would you recommend for people who care about freedom online to reach

Don't be afraid to speak out. Use the Internet to share your opinion. Inform your friends. Go to the protests In your cities and if there is no protest organise one. You can contact us You can contact us through our website and we will give you all the help you need.

When is the next big protest

This Saturday In 25 mayor cities of 15 European countries. There All organised by #stopACTA2 – supported by the Anonymous and the Pirate Parties International.


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