We are asking the MEPs on their position regarding ACTA2

Dear MEP,

We are the #StopACTA2 initiative. We believe in free exchange of information and fair use of content on the Internet and oppose all attempts to censor and control the Internet in Europe.

Due to the upcoming vote we kindly ask for a statement regarding your position and how you will vote on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market:

  1. YES – I support the directive incl. the articles 11 and 13
  2. NO – I am against the directive
  3. I abstain from voting
  4. I refuse to provide an answer

We ask for your reply by e-mail within 7 days, i.e. on 28th February at the latest.

Please be advised that your position (or its lack) will be made public. Should your position change, we request that you send us an update, so we can pass that information too.


Yours sincerely,
#StopACTA2 community