StopACTA2 Interview on Radio Hussar

Radio Hussar our great supporters are here with an interview they had with admin! You can fins a link to the material here: StopACTA2 – Can We Save The Internet? It’s already been 6 months! We originaly Heard abort the Directive on the Single Digital Market on the 21st of June 2018 straight after the JURI’s committee voteing. We remebered that back In 2012 when the No to ACTA  movement was formed In Poland pe ople did it over social media so that’s where we started looping for any organised groups but coudn’t find any – so we […]

The internet is in great danger. Call to action! 19th of January!

We are Anonymous. The internet is in great danger. Do you want to write an essay that will demonstrate your writing skills? Prepare for this correctly by visiting uk essay website. Here you can find the latest writing tips from professionals and use them in your paper. Soon important websites will be censored. Our free communication should be suppressed. We can only do something about it if we work together now get up. We have to prevent ACTA2. If we have nothing are our fundamental rights to freedom of expression and information nothing more valuable. Then these criminal governments […]

SACEM’s director general, Jean-Noël Tronc: We must remain engaged. Nothing has been decided yet

LINK DO WYWIADU PO POLSKU Directive on copyright law: We must remain engaged. Nothing has been decided yet (translated from French to English by Filip Gagnon) Paris- 18/09 Let’s not lose sight that the text (pertaining to the directive on copyright law) adopted (12/09/2018) is a compromise. Were it not so, it wouldn’t have been accepted. The Polish vice-minister with whom I exchanged was clear on it : if 100% of Polish eurodeputies didn’t vote against or fought the text in July 2018, it wasn’t only due to lobbying from Google, but also because the text was pushing further […]