Democracy got #screwed – So did we!

We have been #screwed regarding the vote for / against # ACTA2.

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This vote will go down in history as a result of a precedent: never before in the history of the EU, no directive has raised such social controversies and caused so many protests and boiling in social media. In fact, ordinary people have never been interested in European legislation. #ACTA2 finally has changed that!

The result of the vote on ACTA2 should not be valid. It should be repeated. The Protocols for this vote indicate that they changed voting per article with the possibility of amending and replaced it by a vote on the single text!

So it was not possible to make an amendment concerning the most important and at the same time the most controversial points of this directive – (according to the previous numbering) – # Artykul11 i # Artykul13.

The European Parliament allows MEPs to change their votes (if they make a mistake) after the vote. Only the last ones are entered into the protocols.

312 votes (behind the uniform text) – won – with 317 (for amendments) because the amendments were not voted!

The European Parliament has used conflicting rules on this vote. All the ideals of democracy were broken. The interest of one caste has become more important than the most important of the pillars of Europe.

To force them to repeat this vote and remove articles censoring the Internet we need to decide what we do next.

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